The InVINtory Vehicle Tracking & Locator System

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Built For Dealerships, Auction Houses, Financial Institutions & Flooring Plan Lenders

  • Real-Time Tracking – The InVINtory system provides true real-time tracking using both GPS and GLONASS satellite systems.
  • Vehicle Asset tracking for Multiple Lots
    Track any size vehicle fleet in multiple locations all in real-time.

  • Easy Install – The InVINtory tracker installs in the OBD-II port in less than 90 seconds with an iOS or Android device.

  • 24/7 Status – Monitor vital statistics (battery charge and fuel levels) and activity (odometer, engine running, vehicle moving).

  • Locate – Find vehicles quickly in single or multiple lot locations using long-range wireless technology.

  • Alerts & Warnings – Low battery, fuel, check engine light, theft (vehicle movement, off location or if OBD-II tracker is removed).

  • Manage– Reduce flooring audit time with a variety of management reports.

  • Mobile App– Easy vehicle registration and real-time monitoring with any iOS or Android device.

  • Virtual Fencing– Be alerted when a vehicle enters or leaves your lot by email or text.

InVINtory Key Features

Live Vehicle Locator

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InVINtory Vehicle Locatory System, Vehicle Locator System, Vehicle Locator App

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Service & Status Alerts

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InVINtory Vehicle Locator System, InVINtory

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