The InVINtory Vehicle Tracking & Locator System

How the InVINtory System Works

The InVINtory System is an innovative reusable plug-in wireless technology, that puts your dealership in complete control of your vehicle fleet. Now you can reduce your costs and create a more efficient system to manage all of your lots in one application. InVINtory provides peace of mind to vehicle lot management and allows managers to keep track of all their vehicles needs with fleet management reporting. Be alert to your vehicles needs, and put your time and energy into sales, and service. 

How the InVINtory System Works Diagram

The InVINtory System Hardware

The InVINtory® Car Adapter fits into the car’s OBD-II connector.  This adapter includes an accelerometer, GPS (GNSS) module, long-range wireless transceiver, SuperCap power backup and OBD-II interface.

The InVINtory® Gateway is made up of a wireless base station and a PC that connects directly to the internet router via ethernet or Wi-Fi connection. 

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